Systemic change isn’t easy…

Harnessing opinions isn’t easy…

Cultural sensitivity isn’t easy…

When you’re an action-oriented entrepreneur, standing back and listening isn’t easy…

Being thousands of miles away from the coalface of where the issues are endemic is … Somehow too easy.

Elion House promotes and embraces a future based on higher ideals to build a trust and consistency that our partners and clients can rely on as we embark on this journey together. We think Social Impact Investing, Sustainable Development and Clean Technology is about change. It’s about the new, the innovative, the creative, the original, all the things that are new to society and, therefore, change society and the world.


  • Integrity & Accountability – is one of our core values as custodians of other people’s money. We take integrity seriously and aim to consistently practice zero tolerance for deliberate non-compliance with regulations designed to protect customer and our fund
  • Prudence – as an investment company, we will stay ahead of the renewable energy industry and look beyond the obvious to create new opportunities and maximize returns to shareowners while being mindful of our fiduciary responsibilities and core values
  • Loyalty & Commitment – we place great value on enduring relationships and will work hard with our partners so we never lose sight of their vision and our goal of helping them achieve this
  • Teamwork & Excellence – we believe that in order to do big things and achieve our purpose, we must work seamlessly together with our partners and clients, promise autonomy and incentives to perform
  • Entrepreneurship – these skills will be paramount to tackle the really big challenges the world is facing and have the most impact. We encourage and energize passion and diversity amongst innovators and business people to keep coming along and changing the game all over again. We look for a future that has already happened and act on new trends that are just now emerging but will carry forward the potential for positive change in the world and in people’s lives

“Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Brundtland Report, United Nations