Shinichiro Shiraki

Shinichiro Shiraki has over 20 years’ investment experience with private equity funds, venture capital, and hedge funds (domestic/  global) and is currently CEO Akebono Asset Management. 

Previously, he was the founding member and CIO of Monex Alternative Investments (MAI) – a leading boutique asset manager – providing alternative investment products to Japanese institutional and retail investors. MAI merged with ASTMAX in 2012 to become Japan’s largest independent asset manager where he was Director and Chief Investment Officer with assets under management of USD 3.4 billion. ASTMAX and Yahoo Japan have a business alliance to provide financial services using the power of information technology to provide asset management services targeted at Japan’s personal financial asset base of about 1,707 trillion yen.

Mr. Shiraki has launched several funds of funds investing in hedge funds as well as private equity. He also launched and managed a Japanese CTA originally affiliated with MAI, Asuka Asset Management and Mitsui Corporation called Asuka Commodity Investments. In 2011, he became an Advisor of MGM Innova Capital which manages MGM Sustainable Energy Fund investing in various renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. He is also one of the founders of Asuka Green Investment which supports various carbon emission projects.

Mr. Shiraki was Executive Director for Asuka Asset Management, one of the largest hedge funds in Japan where  he implemented a Japanese Equity Market Neutral Fund largely based on his graduate research. He has also worked for Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ where he launched and managed a fund of hedge funds investment business at UFJ Partners Investments in 2000. He started his career at Sanwa Bank in 1993 and traded a variety of investments, including fixed income, as well as investing proprietary capital in hedge funds and private equity funds.

In 2001, Mr. Shiraki was a founding member of Japan’s chapter of the Alternative Investment Managers Association (AIMA). He has taken on key roles as an executive committee member of AIMA Japan and is currently the Vice Chairman of its executive committee.

He is a Chartered Member of the Security Analyst Association of Japan and author of the book “All About Investment Funds”. (Kinzai)