Altus Plunkett

Altus Plunkett has 22+ years experience in Japan as Director, Head of Stock Options Trading and Principal Trader at major global banks including Morgan Stanley, Citibank, Daiwa Securities, and Merrill Lynch.

Mr. Plunkett was responsible for the banks’ proprietary trading accounts and managing the global Client Franchise including: Global Hedge Funds, Money Managers, Institutional Investors, Sovereign Wealth Funds, and Ultra-High-Net-Worth-Individuals. He was involved in many deals with notional values in excess of USD 50 million, and was in charge of portfolios with an average notional value close to USD 1 billion for most years.

Mr. Plunkett has a solid background in technology having built automated trading systems and is well versed in many of the current trends changing the course of not only finance, but our environment.

Mr. Plunkett speaks Japanese and has broad knowledge and experience in International Finance, Trading, Risk Management and Compliance. He is a big proponent of renewable energy and considers Elion House to be the right platform to merge an investment strategy to Sustainable Development.