• BUILDING A SOLAR CIVILISATION – the Sun gives all life on our fragile planet. It provides unlimited clean energy that is not defined by the scarcity of the resource but by the quality of the technology we use to harness this incredible energy that could power the world 1300X times over every year. Such a civilisation would be full of benefits. Energy everywhere will be more affordable. Our cities will be cleaner and quieter. And the energy will never run out.
  • SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH INNOVATION – to make a business case for a better world. Create tangible value and make a difference in people’s lives by radically reshaping energy, natural resources, food, water access and building resilience to pollution and climate change impacts. Fuel industrial growth, create jobs, help heal the world economies.
  • SOLVE CRITICAL SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES – by championing concrete integrated solutions to transform the future of business to become a driving force for social, environmental and economic benefit – to make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements toward a low-carbon future.
  • NURTURE & EMPOWER SUSTAINABLE COMPANIES – that prioritize people, planet and sustainable profits. Provide technical and human capital and solutions to search for change, respond to it and exploit opportunities whilst spreading sustainable business practices and changing the game for good.
  • BUILD AN AWARENESS THAT ENERGY & RESOURCE EFFICIENCY MATTERS –   as a strategic imperative and business opportunity because it reduces costs, increases productivity, enhances long-term business competitiveness and CSR credentials. Establish sustainability as a permanent item on the Board agenda and communicate its value to investors and consumers.
  • ENCOURAGE COMPANIES TO IMPLEMENT INITIATIVES THAT UNDERSCORE SUSTAINABILITY – at the core of everything that they do. Ensure employee engagement and enhance resource productivity. We will play an instrumental role by tailoring bespoke carbon-neutral technologies that will generate positive financial returns via new revenue or cost saving streams.
  • DRIVE POLICY CHANGE – for market-based regulations and cuts in sectors that deplete natural capital.  Encourage companies and banks to incorporate the concept of sustainable financing into their businesses and green credit policies that require banks to comply with environmental and social guidelines e.g. UK government-backed Green Investment Bank designed to spur private funding for low-carbon energy initiatives.
  • SUPPORT PRIVATE & PUBLIC INVESTMENTS IN NEW GREEN ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES – to re-balance services toward alternative energy sources and cleantech-enabled industries. As companies anticipate and drive the transition to a Green Economy, the business case will grow.

“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” Chief Seattle

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