Benjamin Khoo

Benjamin Khoo 

Mr. Khoo is Chief Innovation Officer and Founder of Elion House, a multi-disciplinary clean technology infrastructure asset manager that provides zero-carbon based solutions to environmental degradation problems across Asia offering holistic-minded investors environmental, social and governance (ESG) compliant assets that generate a superior “Regenerative Return on Investment”.

Mr. Khoo has over 10 years experience across all clean technology sectors and has contributed to the conception of innovations based on his beliefs of creating concepts and ideas that will benefit humanity, the natural world, and the global economy. Cleantech first piqued his interest when working as financial engineer at banks he noticed a commonality in the wave nature of probability distributions and quantum physics. This work has led to recognition in the sustainability space where he speaks on emerging trends in cleantech infrastructure and ESG-compliant investments at consultations around the world attended by policy-makers and conglomerates, including, at All-Energy Australia 2017, the Windsor Energy Group , Deutsche Bank Alternatives Day, The Borrowers and Investors Forum (AsianInvestor) and the Low Carbon Earth Summit in China.

He is committed to Asia where all the growth and pollution will be in this century and to the acceleration of carbon-neutral technologies, ethical and social impact investing to address disruption to the ecological system – biodiversity loss, food, water, and energy shortages – and has personally invested in this cause.

Previously, Mr Khoo has over 20 years in portfolio management and international finance and has built teams managing multi-billion dollar complex derivatives portfolios at global banks including JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, HSBC and Nomura; being on the principal team for proprietary trading, structuring and providing market risk and balance sheet management solutions for institutional investors. He started his career in Japan working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and later at Mitsui & Co. in IT and risk-management systems and technologies.

Mr. Khoo has a diverse background and is proficient in Japanese, and is a member of the Japanese Securities Dealer’s Association.


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